One Day Car Insurance

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19 to 25? Yes, you probably CAN buy insurance for just a day

Even if you are under 21 you still have a fair chance of qualifying for single day car insurance provided that you held a full licence for at least a year, drive a decent, unmodified car which was first registered in the UK and have a reasonably clean driving licence. You not limited to one day of course, you can pick any number of days from a single one right up to a maximum of 28 days so this could be very useful if you need to borrow a car for any reason; you may be back from college or university for a while, test driving a car that you may want to buy, or even taking the car keys from a mate who has had one drink too many! Cover is comprehensive so if you bend your dad's car a bit he should at least be able to get it fixed without breaking the bank. You can get a quote at literally any time of day or night and if everything goes well you should be able to get immediate cover which means that this service could be ideal in an emergency when you need to drive someone else's car at very short notice. You can even download your documentation and either print it out if you have access to a printer or save it on your smart phone if you haven't so you would at least have something to show a police officer if, heaven forbid, you had to for any reason.

Buying a policy is simplicity itself with a very short and easy application form and you should be able to be driving away quite legally within just a few short minutes of starting the application process.

This type of short-term cover is now extremely popular and more than 1 million motorists in the UK have been happy customers, so you can buy with confidence.

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