One Day Car Insurance

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Pay monthly for car insurance with no extra deposit required

Despite the claims on a lot of websites, there is no such thing as no down payment car insurance in Britain. This is because under UK law every contract needs payment of some sort in order for it to be valid, and without at least a deposit car a insurance policy is not legally enforceable. No reputable insurance company could allow a situation like this to develop so every genuine insurer will insist on at least some deposit in advance.
However, this deposit does not have to be very substantial and there are a number of insurers that will accept one 12th of the total premium, with the rest payable in monthly instalments. Even this small deposit can be paid by credit card, which means that the buyer doesn't have to actually settle the bill for it for a while, and since all the rest of the monthly repayments can be paid in this way the cost can be spread over the whole year.
The quickest way to find the best deal is to use a specialist car insurance price comparison engine, such as Quotezone's. This will not only search through their large panel of insurers to find you the lowest cost policy, but will also let you know what the deposit and monthly repayments are so that you can decide which one suits your purposes the most. A number of insurers that allow monthly repayments charge extra for this in the form of extra fees or interest charges, so the policy which is the cheapest for those who pay in full in advance is not always the cheapest for those who wish to pay monthly. This is another point in favour of using a price comparison engine so that you will have all the facts at your disposal before making your decision.

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