One Day Car Insurance

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One day car insurance - would you qualify?

There are several different underwriters offering short term car insurance policies and they all have slightly different acceptance criteria so just because you get turned down by one company doesn't necessarily mean that all the rest will have the same opinion. However, as a general rule you will probably be expected to be at least 18 years of age (some major insurers insist on a minimum age of 21 or even 25) and in possession of a full driving licence which you have held for at least six months, or 12 months if it is an EU licence. Dayinsure will consider applications from drivers with Australian or New Zealand licenses also. As with all other types of car insurance there are several other criteria which are taken into consideration, not least of all your driving record and your address. It is unlikely that you would be accepted if there were more than seven penalty points on your licence or if you had been involved in more than one accident which was judged to be your fault within the past three years. Criminal convictions during the previous five years could prove problematical and if you live in a postcode area which suffers from high accident, fraud or vandalism problems you may not be able to get a quotation regardless of all other factors.

However, the vast majority of drivers in the UK would have no problem qualifying for a policy from at least one of the major providers so if you are in any doubt you should just go ahead and make applications, and if you receive quotations then you can be pretty sure that you have passed the criteria..

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