One Day Car Insurance

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How to buy car insurance for just one day

One day car or van insurance is very quick and easy to buy in the UK, in fact you could have a single day policy in force within just one or two minutes. Since it is purchased online your temporary car insurance policy could be set up at any time of any day, and you could choose to have cover beginning immediately, or you could pick a date and time within the next month for it to start, if you wish to get your plans in place in good time. The policy doesn't have to be for just a single day, you can pick any period you wish between one and 28 days and you can even insure more than one car if you wish.

A short term car or van policy could only be used for your own social, domestic or pleasure uses; it could be used for driving the car or van to and from work but not for for the carriage of goods belonging to other people. Neither could it be used if you were being paid to carry people; although sharing costs would be OK provided there was no profit involved. It would not matter whether the vehicle belonged to you or not, so you could arrange single day insurance cover for a car that you were just buying, in order to get it home, or you could arrange it on a light van or car that you were borrowing from a friend or relative for a day.

Whichever insurer you buy your policy from the whole process should only take you a few minutes. Just fill in a simple form, which usually takes about a minute, and provided that you meet the qualification criteria (most people do!) a quote will be provided instantly. If you want to go ahead you can fill in a few more details about yourself, pay online with your credit card and there you are! You can be insured right away. As usual you should read the insurance policy documents carefully to make sure that you are getting the best deal to suit your own requirements.

Don't worry about waiting for your documentation to arrive by post, you can download it right away and print it out on your home printer. This would be a sensible thing to do in case you were stopped whilst driving the car and had to prove that you were properly insured.

Insuring a vehicle for just a single day could not be easier.

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